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College Rules

  Code of Conduct for Students 


1. Keeping peace and abide by the rules and regulation of the
2. Good manners to all
3. Maintaining discipline in the campus
4. Regular attendance in class and participation in
        different programmes in the college
5. Good and positive attitude towards fellow students and staff
6. Wearing college dress code inside the college campus
7. Not to involve in any objectionable act in the campus
8. Maintaing honesty and sanctity during the examination

Code of Conduct for Teachers 


1. Adhere to the moral and professional ethics
2. Manage private affairs in a manner consistent
        with the dignity of the profession
3. Remain honest and impartial in duty
4. Perform all duties assigned by the authority
5. Keeping peace and equality among the students
6. Engage in professional growth
7. Refrain from taking intoxicated things
8. Keeping good dealings with all